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FOray: Development Team

This page is an attempt to acknowledge the efforts and skill of the many people that have contributed to the FOray Project.

Active Committers

  • Victor Mote (vic[at]

Active Contributors

  • Vincent Hennebert
  • Jeremias Märki
  • Peter B. West

FOP development team

The names listed below are part of the FOP development team, but, unless also listed above, are not contributors to the FOray project.

Since FOray is a fork of the FOP project, FOP contributors have indirectly contributed to FOray as well. We wish to honor those to whom honor is due, but don't want to give the false impression that these are part of the FOray team. In other words, to the extent that FOray is useful, those listed below share in the credit. To the extent that FOray has blemishes, those are the responsibility of the FOray Committers. The following are names that were found in FOP source code and documentation. It is no doubt incomplete, and we are eager to fix errors and omissions. Please post a message to the FOray mailing list if you know of corrections that need to be made.

  • Kelly Campbell
  • Steven Coffman
  • Bertrand Delacretaz
  • Tore Engvig
  • Christian Geisert
  • Stanislav Gorkhover, jCatalog Software AG (stanislav.gorkhover[at]
  • Fotis Jannidis
  • Patrick C. Lankswert (PDF encryption)
  • Karen Lease
  • Keiron Liddle
  • Mark Lillywhite (mark-fop[at]
  • Jeremias Märki
  • Lloyd McKenzie (lmckenzi[at]
  • Victor Mote (vic[at]
  • Jordan Naftolin
  • Jörg Pietschmann
  • Arved Sandstrom
  • Eric Schaeffer
  • Jon Smirl
  • James Tauber (the founder of FOP)
  • Oleg Tkachenko
  • Carlos Villegas (cav[at]
  • Stefan Wachter
  • Art Welch
  • Peter B. West