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FOray: Download the Application

The current release of FOray (0.3) is not a mature product and may not be suitable for your needs. Please see the Release Notes for more information.

This page includes information for downloading the FOray application as a whole. For information about downloading/accessing individual modules, see the FOray Modules Download/Access page.

Access the Current Release Using Maven

We intend, in the next release cycle, to make the release available through the Maven Central Repository.

The FOray application may be downloaded from the SourceForge download page: Download FOray

Download the Latest Snapshot

The various build artifacts from the latest SNAPSHOT release are available from the Sonatype Snapshot Repository

After downloading the FOray "bin-all" distribution, you can check the basic usability of the download very easily:

  1. Unzip the distribution.
  2. Make sure your "JAVE_HOME" environment variable is set to a Java 5 or higher runtime.
  3. Change directory to the "scripts" directory in the distribution and run either "foray-test.bat" (for Windows) or "" (For Unix and Linux). If all goes well, you should see output on the screen showing the startup and successful completion of a FOray run, and a file "minimal.pdf" should be created in the current directory.