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FOray: Extensions


By "extension", we mean any data that can be placed in the input XML document that is not addressed by the XSL-FO standard. By having a mechanism for supporting extensions, FOray is able to add features that are not covered in the specification.

The extensions documented here are included with FOray, and are automatically available to you. If you wish to add an extension of your own to FOray, please see the Developers' Extension Page.

Note that all extensions require the correct use of an appropriate namespace in your input document.


Please see the SVG documentation for more details.

Extensions in both the "axsl:" and "foray:" namespaces may or may not eventually be adopted as standards by the W3C XSL Working Group, which maintains the XSL-FO standard. If so, when adopted, they will almost certainly require changes to stylesheets for changes in namespace, etc.

Extensions in the "axsl:" Namespace

FOray currently supports the following extensions in the "axsl:" namespace. These features are documented by aXSL:

  • Document Metadata. Document title, author, subject, and keywords can be sent to the processor using this mechanism. FOray includes this information in the PDF Document Properties (Description).

Extensions in the "foray:" Namespace

By convention, Non-standard extensions in FOray use the "foray:" namespace identifier. To use any of the FOray extensions, add a namespace entry for http://org.foray/fo-extensions/2004 to the root element:

<fo:root xmlns:fo=""

There are currently no supported extensions in the "foray" namespace.