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The FOray Speech module integrates document processing with speech systems. It is conformant with the aXSL Speech API. The XSL-FO (and CSS) recommendations provide for such things as the specification of voice-family and pitch, and various properties for text-to-speech capabilities. FOray does not currently provide text-to-speech capabilities, but this stub module is where such integration will eventually take place. Its main purpose right now is to provide simple capabilities of resolving a requested "voice-family" (similar to the way that the font system resolves a "font-family"), and to provide normal pitch frequencies for those voices, to fill the requirements of the XSL-FO recommendation. Proper integration to a speech system would require wrapping voices in an aXSL-conformant wrapper class to provide such pitch frequencies. System developers are encouraged to extend these capabilities, and to recommend improvements to both the aXSL and FOray capabilities as they are needed.