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The FOray Output module contains a small number of class that handle the general process of creating output documents. The purpose of FOray is basically to convert XSL-FO input to some other format. However, there are two general paths that this conversion can follow:

  • If the output format is capable of doing its own layout, FOray simply converts the Fo Tree input into the output format. The RTF (Rich Text Format) associated with Microsoft Word and the MIF (Maker Interchange Format) associated with Adobe FrameMaker are examples fitting this model.(
  • If the output format is not capable of doings its own layout, FOray must first do the layout, converting the Fo Tree into an Area Tree, then writing the Area Tree to the output format. PDF (Portable Document Format) and Adobe PostScript are examples fitting this model.

The FOray Output module provides general capabilities for both, but the second scenario requires the extensions provided by the Renderer module.